VoK 72: Interview with Remy J. Verhoeve (author of “Waiting for Winter”)

In this episode, Valkyrist interviews author and blogger, Remy J. Verhoeve, about his new book – Waiting for Winter: Re-Reading “A Clash of Kings,” Part I. Topics covered include: the politics of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom; fresh insights and lingering mysteries in book 2; and the culture of “fan theorizing” that Martin’s series has inspired.

Due to equipment problems, the audio quality is not the best, but it has been cleaned up as much as possible. The episode also features several cameo appearance’s from Remy’s infant son.

Warning: Contains #SPOILERS# for all published books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as the 2005 film Oldboy (???)

Edited by Valkyrist

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Waiting for Winter: Re-Reading “A Clash of Kings,” Part I (Amazon)
Stormsongs (Remy’s Blog)
Jaime, Azor Ahai & the God of War


5 responses to “VoK 72: Interview with Remy J. Verhoeve (author of “Waiting for Winter”)

  1. Odd that he likes the newer books less than Clash, but the reasons why he likes Clash can very easily apply to Feast/Dance. The middle of a series, everything going to hell, not knowing what’s going to happen next, etc.

    • Yeah, but FeastDance feels more like part 1 of a new trilogy. We’re introduced to a lot of new characters and locations, not all of which are particularly interesting. There’s a heap of set-up to get through, but hopefully it’ll lead to some good action in book 6.

      • MarcusQuintus

        Yeah, I think if there’s one thing that should be changed about the series, it would be to restructure it as a trilogy of trilogies.
        Would make people enjoy FeastDance more.
        There are plenty of new elements that are introduced in Clash that are new characters/locations
        The only difference is that these new characters/locations directly tie in to the events of the previous books, while the new ones in FeastDance will die in to events from later books.

  2. That baby! At some points I was about to puke a rainbow. Overwhelming cuteness. Just insert baby mumbling on every episode please thank you.

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