VoK 59: Full Cast(le) Recording #1 – We Need to Talk About Kevan

In the inaugural episode of the “Full Cast(le) Recording” series, the Vassals of Kingsgrave don their mummer’s masks to perform a dramatic reading of the Epilogue from A Dance with Dragons.

And don’t forget to hang around backstage, as the vassals discuss the chapter, debate the morality of Kevan Lannister, and agree that Varys is hella creepy.

1:40 – Chapter Reading
39:53 – Aftershow Discussion

The Cast:
Michal (inkasrain) – Narrator
Leigh (LordManderBlee) – Ronnet Connington / Randyll Tarly
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Kevan Lannister / Tywin Lannister
Peter (Shellfish) – Mace Tyrell
Steven (SJ Lee) – Maester Pycelle
Paul (Pod’s Plight) – Harys Swyft
Brooke (Asha Greatjoy) – Cersei Lannister
Elena (Lady_Grey) – Novice / Varys
Chloe (Lady_Grey’s daughter) – Tommen Baratheon

The Crew:
Michal (inkasrain) – Host
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Editor

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3 responses to “VoK 59: Full Cast(le) Recording #1 – We Need to Talk About Kevan

  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire Fan

    Great dramatic reading of the epilogue. I also liked the aftershow discussion of the virtues or lack thereof of Kevan Lannister.

    However, a little mistake appeared in your discussion. Around 15 seconds before the 1hr mark one of you said that after Jaime was captured the Lannisters lost an army of 30 000 troops. You are confusing the number of troops that the Lannisters had in the show versus the number they had in the books. In the show it is correct that Jaime had 30000 and that Tywin also had 30000. But since you are talking about the books I think the booknumbers should be used.

    In the books Jaime had 15000 and Tywin had 20000. After the battle in the Whispering Wood where Jaime was captured his entire force of some 2000-3000 cavalry was annihilated or captured. Then after that battle Riverrun was relieved in the Battle of the Camps where the rest of Jaime’s army was divided in three groups of some 4000-4500 men each on Riverruns three sides. 2 of the groups was destroyed, but the third managed to escape intact. Of Jaime’s 15000 strong army only about 4000 men escaped and retreated back to the Golden Tooth. The freeriders the Lannisters had hired struck their banners and went over to the Northmen and the Riverlanders. So more than 2/3rds of Jaime’s army was lost. Roughly 11000.

    The wiki of Ice and Fire is really helpful. It’s true that the numbers are not always 100 percent correct but it is one of the best resources for a lot of things related to A Song of Ice and Fire. For instance: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Battle_of_the_Camps.
    For the rough timeline of events in the war of the five kings I recommend this: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/War_of_the_Five_Kings.

    I am eagerly awaiting your next reading of a chapter. Keep up the good work you are doing and keep having fun doing it.

    A Song Of Ice And Fire Fan

  2. Some of the voice acting was subpar Some good.You REALLY need to audition me.I will offer my talents free for LOVE of the series and ypur work!

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