VoK 55: A Flight of Sorrows – Collector’s Edition


Duncan (Valkyrist) welcomes the newest member of the VoK family, Silvana (silvaubrey), for an in-depth discussion of Westerosi justice, vengeance, ethnicity and conspiracy. This episode focuses on the fabled “Collector’s Edition” of A Flight of Sorrows, specifically the four new essays added to the compendium:

7:02 – Savouring the Taste? On the role of revenge in songs of ice and fire (by Stefan Sasse)
24:09 – The Prince is Riding: Rebutting the identity of—and the aim of the conspiracy around—Aegon Targaryen (by Miles Schniederman)
36:13 – A Feast of Vipers: Ethnic diversity, personal identification, and fandom theories in Dorne (by Amin Javadi)
58:27 – The King’s Justice is Mute, Not Blind: Why trials in Westeros are not what they seem (by John Jasmin)
1:12:43 – Other Essays in A Flight of Sorrows (edited by Marc N. Kleinhenz)
1:24:27 – Game of Thrones news and discussion
1:36:28 – ????

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Edited by Valkyrist

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Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows
The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros and The World of A Game of Thrones (released October 28, 2014)
A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook
Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring (released June 14, 2014)


3 responses to “VoK 55: A Flight of Sorrows – Collector’s Edition

  1. Great episode! And yes, PLEASE do an episode on First Law, make it run 4 hours long, I don’t care. Make sure to talk about the follow-up trilogy as well which is even more cracktastic. By the way, I think your brief Sansa speculation is bordering on crack-pot theory. You think she will be so torn up about Robin’s death that she’ll turn on Littlefinger, or worse, get depressed enough to think about killing herself? This ‘maternal bond’ with Robin that you refer to is completely perfunctory, and there’s plenty of clues that Sansa sees Robin for what he is, a pathetic little boy who’s days are numbered now that his coddling mother is out of the picture. It gets to the point where she even feels disgust at the way he’s latched onto her as a replacement for his fucked-up mom. Did we read the same Sansa chapters in A Feast For Crows? Haha, other than that great podcast as usual.

    • Really? Maybe I need to reread the Sansa chapters. I’m sure she is irritated by his temper tantrums, but I don’t recall her ever being disgusted by Sweetrobin. At one point she thinks “he cannot help the way he is, he was born small and sickly.”

      Given how much time she spends comforting him, I find it hard to believe she doesn’t feel some morsel of compassion or protectiveness. And at the end of the day, he’s still just a child. I would hope Sansa doesn’t want him to be killed.

  2. The reason she spends so much time comforting him is because the little fucker will not leave her alone. During most of her scenes with Robin her inner-monologue clashes with her spoken words and actions, revealing that she’s forcing herself to go through the motions. I may be misremembering to some extent, but I think this maternal bond and sympathy for Robin is just her playing the role she’s given, or rather forced into. I feel like she will easily roll with letting Robin die, and will justify it to herself just like when Lysa went skydiving. I feel like you’re still considering Sansa one of the most innocent characters, but she’s kind of in a squicky and grey place right now and that’s changing her. Ever since she saw her Florian get unceremoniously murdered and became LF’s bastard, she’s having to grow up faster than even when she was in King’s Landing. I really think she’s quite apathetic to little Robin and her stepping into the mother role is no more than an act, no different than when she had to say the right words and smile in Joffrey’s court. And let’s face it, Robin is just terrible. I sympathize with Sansa and commend her for not strangling the little shit herself a dozen times by now.

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