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VoK 329: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Special Rehearsal Edition Review)



Beware of Spoilers, The following podcast discusses spoilers for all published books in the Harry Potter Series

After the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, many fans had mixed reactions to the “8th Story”, and VoK also had mixed feelings, we will explain why in this 2 hour podcast.

Glen (Dagos_Rivers) hosts and is joined by Nadia (Nadia), Kevin (Gaiden) and Ryan (Tremprod) as they discuss, review and summarise each act of the 2 part (5 – 6 hour Play; 325 page Script).

Also featured:
-Unauthorised Harry Potter sensation: The Harry Potter Musical trilogy and possible influence on Cursed Child (?)
-Albus and Scorpius: An (un)subtle love story?
-Harry Potter fandom and Midnight release parties.
-Hype for Fantastic Beasts.
-Will we ever get a DVD recording of the stage show?

Running Time: 02:08:50
Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Image of London Cast from “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” (Image we were deprived of in script book).

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VoK 318: Game of Thrones – Season 6 Retrospective


Join vassals Julia (No True Lady), Hannah (shadow_baby), Matthieu (Beric175), Claire (DarkSister24), Kevin (Gaiden), Jeff (jeff14), and Paul (SerDinnerRoll) in a wide-ranging discussion of Game of Thrones Season 6, and speculation on the seasons beyond.

How is book Cersei’s madness different from show Cersei’s? Who is Westeros’ most eligible bachelor? Will Sam abandon Gily and Baby Sam for a library? Will No True Lady get her brunch? Press the Play button and find out!

Edited by No True Lady

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