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VOK 511: The Great ASOIAF linear reread part 81 – AKA shadow-baby gestation


Join Casey (blueeyedqueen), Adam (drownedsnow), James (QueenJames), Hannah (shadowbaby), Matt (blu3armour), and Kevin (Gaiden) on the great linear ASOIAF reread part 81! We discuss the first Melisandre chapter in A Dance of Dragons, Brienne 6 in A Feast for Crows, and back to Dance with Jon Connington 1. We also discuss some shadow baby theories.

This podcast will not contain any show spoilers, however it could potentially spoil any events in George R R Martin’s published series.

For those following along at home the next episode of the re-read will be hosted by Sarah and will cover Asha 1, Jon 7, and The Reaver, Victarion 2.


Music: Written and performed by Jed O’White Hart. Parodies “Witch Woman” by The Eagles.

Edited by Casey (blueeyedqueen)

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