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VoK 334: Westworld (HBO series) – Pre-Series Speculation



Disclaimer: No spoilers as we know very little about the show and we promise HBO did not pay us to do this (but we are willing to accept offers in future)!

Glen (Dagos_Rivers) and Ryan (Tremprod) discuss the upcoming HBO adaptation of the Michael Crichton 1973 Movie, ‘Westworld’; already lauded by critics and boasting a stellar A-List cast and crew, including Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Jonathan Nolan.

Critics and HBO anticipate (and hope) it will be ‘the next Game of Thrones’ but will that help or hinder the show?

The hosts ponder that very question, along with whether the show will make a splash with viewing figures or underperform, talk fun facts about the cast, and have an exciting (teaser) announcement for VoK fans.

Running Time: 00:29:52
Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Promotional Poster for ‘Westworld’ (HBO / Sky Atlantic)

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