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VoK 156: Twin Peaks ReWatch (Part 1)


Prompted by David Lynch’s announcement that his ground-breaking 25 year old TV show Twin Peaks will return to the air, VoK has decided to do a rewatch of the previous two series.  Join Shane (EastTexasDirewolf), Bina007, Steven (SJLee) and Greg (ClaudiusTheFool) as they discuss the Pilot and Episodes 1 and 2 of the series in depth.

This episode will NOT contain spoilers for later episodes of the show or Fire Walk With Me, allowing listeners following along at home not to be spoiled.   However, those of you looking for an overarching series discussion can tune in to our Twin Peaks episode.

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[VoK 73] Spoiler filled Twin Peaks overview episode

And for all you ladies, a picture of EastTexasDirewolf too sexy to button his shirt.


VoK 73: Twin Peaks (ABC series)


Join Katie (Lady Griffin), Bina (Bina007), and Saad (saad164) at the RR Diner for a cup of black coffee and a slice of cherry pie in this special Twin Peaks episode. The vassals decide their scariest Lynch moment, debate Dale Cooper’s terrible white knight status, cross themselves at the arcane horror that is Leo Johnson’s ponytail, and cap it all off with a game of “Marry, One Night, or Wrapped In Plastic.”

Spoilers for all episodes of the 1990-1991 television series Twin Peaks. Spoilers also for the films Muholland Drive (2001), Lost Highway (1997), Blue Velvet (1986), and Inland Empire (2006). The 2004-2010 television show Lost is discussed with minor spoilers.

Edited by Katie (Lady Griffin)

Intro Music: “Twin Peaks Theme” by Angelo Badalamenti (

“Sycamore Trees” by Angelo Badalamenti and performed by Jimmy Scott (

Outro Music: “Laura Palmer’s Theme” by Angelo Badalamenti (

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